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Priyanka Chopra is Bollywood Gold

The “Hipster” of the 1880s: Evolution of the Word “Dude”

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A nice short film from Arika Okrent, on the evolution of one of our most useful words, from its specific origins to the broad usage of modern days.

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Nubian Princesses

Once listened to a stand up comedian doing his routine on television, and there were about 4 or 5 black women sitting in the front row in the audience. Black women or African-Americans or Black Americans or whatever the politically correct word – no matter because the guy called them “Nubian princesses”.

Thought to myself:
– – When did folks start referring to black women as a Nubian princess? (???)
– – – What’s a Nubian?

English: African black Nubian woman, Egyptian ...

English: African black Nubian woman, Egyptian Sudan 3/4 lgth., standing, facing right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know what ethnonym means?
An Ethnonym is the name applied to a given ethnic group.

Yes. You had to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Ethnonyms for Nubians are: Egyptian Nubians, Halfans, Lower Nubians, Sudanese Nubians.

Supplying a few specific notes extracted from a detailed article about the Nubians , along with the link, if you want to read further.

Until 1964, Nubians, a non-Arab Muslim population, lived in a boundary-less geographical region known as Nubia, the southern edge of which lay along latitude 19° N, in village clusters along the banks of the Nile. Most of their Culture and History prior to the sixth century is unknown, however, archaeological findings indicate that their lifestyle was very similar to ancient Egypt. Nubians of today are Sunni Muslims.

To learn more:

  • Ammar, Nawal. “Nubians.” Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 1996. Encyclopedia.com. 13 Jul. 2012

And in conclusion, although all women like to be referred to as princesses or queens, based on that article … all black people are not Nubians and it was probably incorrect to refer to those ladies on the front row as “Nubian princesses”. But the sisters looked very pleased to accept his words as a compliment. :)

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