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100 Random Facts About Me For My 100th Post! – She Dreams of Travel (Reblog)

Responding to a post written at She Dreams of Travel.

This post, this very post, which your eyes are gazing upon right now, this is… *drumroll please* MY 100TH POST!!! … here are 100 really random facts about me … What do we have in common? Tell me something about you! Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be 100 facts haha.

Source: 100 Random Facts About Me For My 100th Post! – She Dreams of Travel


Alrightee young miss. Wanted to try to respond back with 100 facts About Me. Made it to 25.


1. I was born in Merrick, New York.

Born in Miami, Florida.


2. Both of my parents are form Haiti.

Dad from The Bahamas; Mom from North Carolina, USA.


3. I have German ancestors on my mom’s side of the family and French ones from my dad’s side.

Native American – Cherokee (mom) , Arawak Indians (dad), African (mom and dad)… that’s what I was told. Never researched my genealogy.


4. My first international trip was to Haiti. I was 11.

Mine was to The Bahamas to meet my future in-laws. :)


5. As a kid I was really afraid of Dennis Rodman (don’t ask me why, maybe it was the hair that freaked me out).

Rodman is a scary looking dude. Not my idea of the ideal blind date. :)


6. First time I played pool, I got hit in the head with a pool stick and almost needed stitches.

My first time playing pool was my first year at the University of Miami. There was a place in our neighborhood where guys hung out and played pool but my mom would never let me go there.


7. I have the remnants of a Harry Potter-ish scar on my forehead to prove it.

Try not to focus on my 9th grade dorkiness and check out that huge scar on my forehead!

My birthmark is a line across my nose that made people think I wore eyeglasses. It looked like a tan-line from where the rim would have sat on my nose. It’s faded over the years and now I do wear eyeglasses; but only for reading.

During my high school years, tried not to focus on my acne. One time I cut up one of my pictures. My mom found the pieces and taped it back together! She was superstitious and believed cutting up a photo was a bad omen.  ~ I’m like “Mom! Seriously??!”  ~ She’s like: “Oh no child! You can’t do that!!” She was serious!


8. Taking off on an airplane scares me a little because I feel like the plane is just struggling so much to get up in the air.

I hate the part of the airplane ride when it is landing and your ears feel like a bubble is in them and it takes days for your ears to pop and you get your normal hearing back.


9. Turbulence scares me A LOT, and I become suddenly religious, praying to anyone and everyone when it happens.

I would pray if on a boat or ship because I can’t swim. But I pray walking, running, riding, flying, and just before sleeping. Can never pray too much. :)


10. I played piano for nine years, and now all I remember is how to read music and play the Rugrats

I played piano for about 3 years. Started taking lessons in 5th grade. Won 3rd Place in a competition for playing Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. Refused to continue my lessons because I was a stupid kid who thought it wasn’t cool. Lessons were 50 cents for a half hour. My mom did not agree but she stopped sending me because she said she wasn’t going to waste the money on an unwilling child. I regret it now. I was a stupid kid. Get mad at myself every time I think about it.


11. I played soccer for 10 years.

Sports isn’t my thing but my P.E. Teacher picked me to be captain of the softball team. My classmates were cool with it. I wasn’t a great player but they submitted to my leadership.


12. I also played volleyball and flag football, ran track and threw shotput and discus.

Volleyball was alright. Hated football. Truthfully, I liked croquet and shuffle board.


13. I have broken both of my arms (luckily not at the same time).

Never broke a bone in my body. Thank you Jesus!


14. I can’t rotate my right wrist because of the surgery I had after breaking my right arm.

Come December will be 60 years old. My joints feel OK for an old lady. :)


15. I’m a middle child with one older brother and one younger sister.

Youngest daughter. Two baby brothers. One older sister. 5 older brothers. Two children – brother and sister from a different mother. My father’s first wife died and he married my mom.


16. I used to be self-conscious about the size of my feet. They’re a little bigger than average.

Me too!


17. I studied Spanish in school for nine years.

Studied Spanish and French about 3 years each.


18. My first concert was going to see *NSYNC with my mom when I was 10.

Sang in a chorus in elementary school but never a soloist.


19. I told a cheesy joke in a radio competition to win those concert tickets.

Never did anything on the radio.


20. Years later I met Lance Bass while working at a performing arts theatre in California. It was really hard not to go all fan girl on him.

Don’t know who Lance Bass is. (O.o)


21. I love to dance salsa even though I’m not that great at it.

I like to dance because it’s a fun form of exercise.


22. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it’s not because of the presents! I just love the lights and music.

Me too!


23. The sound of metal scraping against metal makes me cringe and is one of the reasons why I hate washing dishes.

That excuse would have never worked on my mom. We were given assigned days to do the dishes. She always knew when my sister has done the dishes because everything in the kitchen was clean – the dishes including pots and pans were clean, the floor was mopped, the refrigerator was cleaned, the trash can was empty, etc.


24. I’m obsessed with TV shows about weddings and wedding dresses even though I’m not the kind of girl that plans her wedding even though she’s single. Seriously. I’m not.

No obsessions of any kind. OK. Fine! If I could eat all the chocolate and cheesecake in the world …


25. My favorite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Can’t think of one book for “all time”. But like reading biographies.



Made it to 25 facts. Stopping here. Would continue but getting bored with myself. It was fun though!  Keep dreaming.  :)


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The Psychological Thriller Genre (Reblog from Guy Portman’s Blog)

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“My third novel, Symbiosis (Publication Date: 21st January 2016), is about identical twin girls called Talulah and Taliah. Symbiosis is a Psychological Thriller. This week’s post is dedicated to the Psychological Thriller literary genre.

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