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So Just What is Bubblews, and Is it Worth Joining?


It’s 2015. A lot has happened since this reblogged post was published. I am at Bubblews but don’t publish bubbles consistently. The thrill seems to have been lost. Yet it does have faithful writers still in the camp. My favorite thing about it sharing YouTube videos, like this about Carlos Santana.


Originally posted on Of Cabbages and Kings:

bub-money-pixabay-72176_640Ever heard of Bubblews? It’s one of the newer content writing sites on the Internet that anyone can join. I joined on February 15 of this year, and that’s why I haven’t been here much. I have reviewed  HubPages, Zujava, and Wizzley, all of which I write for occasionally now. But the bulk of my writing energy goes into Bubblews and my own blogs now.  Here’s why.

Bubblews can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to blog, you can blog there. If you want to share news and events about your life, you can do that. If you want to share and talk about  photos you take, people will be interested. You can write about anything that interests you – even lesson plans and funny things that happen in your classroom and get paid for it – as long as you write at…

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Love your vagus nerve


Reblogging this interesting post. Admittedly the word “vagus” made me think of two things: the city of Las Vegas, Bugsy Siegel’s “brainchild”, or the word “vague”, which was a blurry afterthought, after thinking first about Las Vegas. According to healthline.com: “Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve, called vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), is sometimes used to treat people with epilepsy or depression.” Did the extra research on the topic to satisfy my curiosity as to how they came up with the name “vagus”. Still don’t know how they gave it that name. Nevertheless, this 2010 post is from a blogger who publishes a blog with the aim of showing others how to use “the infinite mind to overcome the limits of the brain…”

Originally posted on Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind:

One of the great mysteries of life, is how the vagus nerve can be so widely ignored. It’s the biggest nerve in the body and it extends from brain (starting near the carotid artery) and down through the chest cavity. It directly communicates with the lungs, heart, liver, blood vessels in the lungs, heart and gut, the stomach and small intestine, the pancreas, and the enteric nervous system, which I wrote about before.

One of the big things it does, is get the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. It balances out the whacked, adrenaline-crazed sympathetic nervous system, and gets us to chill out. It can head anxiety attacks off at the pass. It can cancel panic before gets hold of you. It tames the tigers of agitation and edginess, and soothes jangled nerves.  It It gets our proverbial runaway Prius of a system to actually stop accelerating…

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