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Roses Will Never Be Refused No Matter the Color

Fond of roses. It’s a childhood memory. My late mother was very particular about her rose bush.

The other day learned about the osiria rose; pictured below.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

osiria rose

Learned two more things about roses. Soon I’ll be an expert! (NOT.)

(1) Rose colors have different meanings.

  • Red rose = passionate love
  • White rose =purity and innocence
  • Yellow rose = jealousy
  • Then there’s orange, pink, lavender, and black.

To find their meaning click here: Meaning of Rose Colors.

Though the colors have a certain interpretation … tell you what … if you gave me a rose, a half dozen or a dozen roses … no matter how many and no matter the color, they will not be refused!  :)

(2)  The yellow rose of Texas is not from Texas.  It’s from New York!!


True Colors of Ancient Greek and Roman Statues

Found this blog last year: moco-choco.  Coffee?  Chocolate?  Neither!  First post shared was about a re-visualization of famous historical places and people based on “reality”. For example, the pyramids of Giza were actually white and shiny. Who knew? Perception versus reality. It was eye-opening blog post! Recycling this one which shows:

True Colors of Ancient Greek and Roman Statues.

The sculpted figures take on a new life when you see them in color. In fact, the colors give them life! Alexander the Great

12 Films to Inspire You to Travel ( @travelwithpedro)

If you can’t afford your travel dreams, there are other ways to satisfy your wanderlust.  Always looking for foreign film recommendations. This list is a great share.

12 Films to Inspire You to Travel



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