Economics in One Lesson – One History Lesson, Perhaps?

Ending Crony Capitalism Can Help Heal Our Wounded Country.

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Sharing a link to one of the first articles scooped for my Work at Home topic using an excellent automated content curation tool provided by It’s Forbes. It’s business-and-politics-related. Whatever the points discussed will likely impact small businesses, in particular; all businesses, in general; as well as our government, our economy, our world. It’s worth a look-see. Speaking in future tense using the verb “will”, even though the scoop is dated November 2012. It’s being re-shared via this post AGAIN!

Perhaps a reader-dash-seeker-slash-problem-solver may think it has some relevance to current affairs. Offering an observation:  it seems nobody listened THEN; doubt anybody will listen NOW. Indeed, the article writer, Dean Zarras, quotes from a book written 50 years ago.  A book that may be destined to become just like the literary classics, i.e. books that are on everyone’s bookshelf, but nobody reads! :)

Economics in One Lesson: 50th Anniversary Edition

Aysh el Saraya (pain perdu libanais à base de ashta)


Lebanese bread pudding with pistachios and rose petals. Have you ever heard of such a marvelous wonder?!

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Bonjour! Après une longue absence, me revoila dans la blogosphère! Beaucoup de préparatifs pour l’arrivée de bébé… Noa qui a commencé sa routine de crèche.. tout ça ne m’a pas laissé le temps de respirer et de poster… semaine 37 et l’attente commence.. Bon voila un dessert que j’avais fait et que je voulais partager avec vous.. C’est libanais, rapide et succulent! Le nom du dessert est d’origine ottomane et veut dire le harem du palais du sultan.

un grand pain de mie – sirop de sucre ou Ater – pistaches broyées – pétales de roses confites

Ashta: 2 verres de lait entier – 2,5 cs de farine – résine de mastic (miskeh) – fleur d’oranger

Tremper le pain de mie broyé dans le sirop de sucre pendant une demi- heure au moins. Tapisser avec la pâte obtenue le fond d’un moule à tarte. Réserver. Préparer la crème libanaise ou…

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Superhero Movies: Gladiator (2000)

Gladiator; Release date May 5, 2000 (USA); Winner of 5 Academy Awards – made the top of my list for outstanding cinematic achievement and has maintained that position of distinction for more than a decade.


Published a detailed review of the movie “Gladiator” which starred Russell Crowe, who received the Academy Award for his spectacularly awesome performance as the “gladiator who defied an emperor”.  The critique was also written to honor one of my favorite actors, the late Robert Oliver Reed (1938 – 1999), who passed away during the making of the film. Many people would likely categorize this film as Action/Adventure or Drama or Historical Fiction (because the writers took artistic liberty with the historical facts).  As for me, in my humble imaginative opinion, the film could appropriately be categorized under Superhero Movies because Mr. Crowe played his role like he was a superhero ! :)


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